Wagenborg invested in diverse and new equipment. With two new MAN heavy transport trucks, two new Liebherr MK88 Plus tower cranes and 16-axles G4 SPMTs, the fleet of Wagenborg has been expanded.

MAN trucks on national and international projects

The new MAN heavy transport trucks are type TGX 41.640-8x4-BBS. Equipped with 640 hp (per truck), the trucks have been released for combined transportation with a total of 250 tons terrain mass, as well at the fifth wheel as on the towing hitch. The truck will be used for national and international heavy transporting projects.

New tower crane added to the fleet

The Liebherr MK88 Plus is fitted with a 45 meter jib and is provided with extra counter weight up to 2 tonnes. De maximum hook height will be 59,1 meters (45° peaked) at a radius of 31,9 meters.

The second MK88 Plus tower crane will be delivered at the end of October.

Growth SPMT axle lines

With the investment of 16 new axle lines of Scheuerle SPMTs, Wagenborg gained extra ultra-heavy transport capacity. The purchase of two 6-axle G4 and one 4-axle G4 trailers enables Wagenborg to transports loads up to an axle load of 48 tons. The new trailers also have wheel arch lightning and side lightning and are equipped with extra load securing features.

Total solutions from A to Z

Wagenborg is the expert for (international) transportations and offers a tailor-made solution to every transport requirement. One of Wagenborg’s strengths as a family company is that she is able to offer solutions from A to Z, focused on the customer. To put the right equipment and the professional and motivated staff together, Wagenborg knows how to meet challenging transport requirements in her unique way.

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