On Tuesday, June 21st, 2016, a 386 meters long water support pipe was pulled underneath the A7 highway and the Winschoterdiep canal for the expansion of the water support system. Wagenborg was commissioned by Visser & Smit Hanab to deploy five of her mobile telescopic cranes for this project for Water Company Groningen.

At an earlier stage the preparations were made, like drilling the hole for the water support pipe. Wagenborg started her workpreparation activities for this project long before as well, in order to execute the project as smooth as possible. ‘We didn’t face anything unexpected during the execution of this job, everything went just as planned,’ says Denny Koops, work preparator of Wagenborg. ‘We started at 7 AM early morning and at 3 PM the water support pipe, weighing over 77 tonnes, was pulled underneath the highway and the canal as planned’, as per Denny Koops.

The five mobile telescopic Grove cranes (2 x 35 tonnes, 2 x 50 tonnes and 1 x 70 tonnes) were employed to lift the pipe upto the exact height and in the right position, while the pipe was being pulled through the hole. Close communication and excellent coordination during this simultaneoud lifting operation was essential. 

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