As Royal Wagenborg we feel responsible for people, the environment and the delivery of high-quality services. We offer a safe working environment ​to everyone involved in our activities: employees, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and other parties concerned. In return, we demand from them an active contribution to the safe performance of each and every task. We also expect them to be respectful to each other, the environment and its resources. By doing so we jointly strive for a healthy company that is ready for the future.

A high Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) standard is an important pillar of our success. We commit ourselves to a safer and healthier working environment. In case our work may have an impact on the environment we review all possible effects prior to the start of activities. We plan and execute all activities in such a way that negative effects are limited as much as possible.

As a minimum, our companies comply with all  industry standards and  applicable laws and regulations in their fields of operation. We expect the same from our partners and subcontractors.

We commit ourselves to the following objectives

  • Long-term employability: aiming for zero accidents and preventing harm to persons, equipment and the environment
  • Being a good employer: earning and preserving a reputation as a good employer
  • Risk-sensitive: recognising, acknowledging and minimalizing risks at the source
  • Excellent (chain) partner: striving for satisfied customers to build and maintain sustainable relationships. We use efficient company processes in order to deliver services and products that meet the formulated (legal) and specific requirements, desires and expectations of our customers
  • Continuous improvement:   planning, controlling and maintaining our processes and striving for continuous improvement of process performance. This enables us to anticipate foreseeable opportunities and threats.

In all our companies and divisions, we will implement this policy by:

  • deploying competent, motivated and qualified employees to execute our activities
  • using a certified HSEQ-management system
  • providing training and appropriate protecting equipment to protect employees, equipment and environment
  • continuously improving our working methods to lower the impact on the environment
  • investigating accidents, incidents, near misses and follow-up suggestions for improvements, sharing the results and plan actions for prevention and reoccurrence 
  • communicating openly about our HSEQ performance
  • creating an environment in which our employees, together with other stakeholders, are committed to achieve the HSEQ goals
  • evaluating the effectiveness of supporting processes by audits and inspections using the outcomes to learn and improve our performance.

Each employee has his/her own responsibility with respect to HSEQ while executing tasks. All employees have the right and duty to refuse or stop activities when these cannot be performed according to Health, Safety and Environmental requirements, whether these are internal or customer demands. Employees have to report this to their supervisor immediately.

This policy is in line with the vision and goals of our company Royal Wagenborg and its management will provide the necessary means in order to achieve the above-mentioned HSEQ goals. The policy will be evaluated on a regular basis and revised if necessary.

Egbert Vuursteen  - CEO Royal Wagenborg   

Maarten Tromp - COO Royal Wagenborg                                                 

Jeroen Seyger - CFO Royal Wagenborg

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