Welcome to Royal Wagenborg - A leading, modern employer in international transport. On the water or on the road, at home or abroad, on the move or in the office: working for Wagenborg means working for a growing company where things happen all the time and where you work together with expert colleagues in a pleasant, open atmosphere. A company that allows you to continue to grow. No matter in what field or position - Wagenborg is a company where every employee counts!

We are competent, committed, safe and reliable

With our own facilities we can offer a solution to fit every transport need, expertly and with dedication. At Royal Wagenborg the word ‘impossible’ is not part of our vocabulary. There is a solution to every transport need or logistics problem, and we will find it and accomplish it. In response to our integrated approach, which includes project support, available equipment, experienced people and a worldwide network, more and more clients are relying on our knowledge and expertise. Our commitment is always visible in small gestures and major projects; evident in intelligent combinations and sometimes surprising choices. Always safe, always reliable, for our customers as well as our employees.

We have grown from a local company to an international player, but without really changing.

In 1898, tjalk skipper Egbert Wagenborg started his own company - we have grown rapidly in recent years. After a number of mergers of different business units and acquisitions of other transport companies, Royal Wagenborg is now a company with several unique and dynamic Divisions. Divisions that work even closer together, and that are even better at helping each other to create unique and intelligent solutions for transport needs. At Wagenborg we provide transport in the broadest possible sense. From high to low. At sea and on the road. For small things and big things. At home and abroad. That makes us who we are. Thinking intelligently and looking ahead is still our lifeblood. The spirit of Egbert Wagenborg is still tangible in every business unit - always looking to find a transport solution.

We work together for success

In our Divisions we operate in close-knit teams. Sometimes near to home, sometimes far beyond our borders. Some projects take a day, others may last several months. What we consider valuable is being committed and working actively together to achieve shared targets. To us the small gestures are just as important as the big projects. Working together to build on the continuity of Wagenborg, that's what we're about.

We have a pleasant, open and informal atmosphere

At Wagenborg, our goal is always clear: to provide the best, most intelligent, and safest transportation of large and small goods. By road, by water, and even by air if required. However, we could never achieve that without the great enthusiasm and expertise of all our employees. We are very much aware of that. So we do whatever we can to ensure that you enjoy your work every day. To ensure that you can do whatever you're good at, no matter what your job may be, in a friendly, open, informal atmosphere.

Recognise us by our sign

Our companies all work under the same logo. A strong sign that represents where we came from and what we stand for: the Wagenborg flag. A flag that can be seen everywhere. On sailor's jackets. On Reining lorries. On our vessels. On Nedlift cranes. A flag that unites us. With our vision: creating solutions and implementing them for our customers. A sign of solutions. Because the flag that used to be associated with Wagenborg's equipment is now the sign of our focus on solutions.

Will you be our new colleague?

If you would like to know more about working for Wagenborg or applying for a vacancy, please visit our careers website (will open in a new window).

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