Safety is our top priority

  • Since 1898 family owned and managed
  • Young and high quality fleet
  • Versatile fleet of 230+ ships

Within Royal Wagenborg we take safety serious

Workplace health and safety will remain our priority and we ensure that the Board, all employees, subcontractors and visitors are actively engaged in this vision.


The company offers a safe working environment for everyone involved in her activities: employees, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and other parties concerned. In return, the company demands from them an active contribution to the safe performance of each and every task.


All employees are responsible to perform their work in a safe manner and to follow Wagenborg safe work procedures. Every employee is expected to report and assist in correcting unsafe conditions and activities, to work together toward the prevention of accidents and improvement of safety culture within Royal Wagenborg.

Our core safety values

Strong and active leadership

  • Visible, active commitment from senior management establishing effective ‘downward’ communication regarding safety, e.g. Safety Board meeting
  • Trained HSEQ professionals within different divisions to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge

Employee contribution

  • Engaging colleagues in the promotion of safe and healthy conditions
  • Promoting effective ‘upward’ communication
  • Providing and participating in training

Investigating accidents and incidents:

  • We focus on finding the root cause of the incident in order to prevent the event from happening again, in accordance with the 'no blame' principle

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