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These are all IMO and EU rules affecting the maritime industry

Both the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union (EU) establish regulations in line with the Paris Agreement temperature goals to achieve significant CO2 reductions. All regulations contain items that affect the maritime industry and place new and specific requirements on shipowners and operators. All merchant vessels in international trade will need to adhere to these new requirements. Shipowners and cargo owners need to take steps to decarbonize and to prepare their mutual business for the introduction of the EEXI, the CII and the Fit for 55 package.


Energy Efficiency Index for Existing Ships

The Energy Efficiency Index for Existing Ships (EEXI) measures CO2 emissions per transport work (per ton-mile), purely considering the ship’s design parameters (ship type, engine power, DWT and ship reference speed). From 2023 onwards, the calculated EEXI of all vessels over 400 GT will need to fall below a specific requirement level to comply with this IMO regulation.

  • Starting 1 January 2023
  • For ships > 400 GT
  • Design measure
  • One-time certificate


Carbon Intensity Indicator

As of 2023 IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulation comes into force. The CII will categorize ships >5.000 GT into different ‘energy ratings’ by calculating the ship’s operational parameters. CII considers how efficient ships operate and transport cargo on an annual basis. The CII will therefore have a more significant impact than the EEXI on daily operations.

  • Starting 1 January 2023
  • For ships > 5.000 GT
  • Operational measure
  • Annual rating: A up to E

Fit for 55 - provisional agreement on November 29

Mid 2021 the European Commission has released its “Fit for 55” legislation proposal, supporting its commitment to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. Three of the proposed actions will have a direct impact on the shipping industry and the business of Wagenborg and her customers:

  • The European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS)
  • Fuel EU Maritime
  • Revision of the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD)



The info bulletin will inform you about the decarbonization rules in the shipping industry: EEXI, CII and Fit for 55 in depth.

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