Statement COVID-19

We all feel the impact of the Corona virus on our society. The implications in all countries do vary and change every day. Your and our industry, are vital in many ways for supplying and producing consumer goods. As indicated by governments the transport of cargo should continue and we do our best to ensure this happens. 

On board, our seafarers are far away from home and visit a lot of countries not knowing what to expect. They cannot work from home or take care of their families. We have deep respect for them and we hope, that like all of us, they will stay “clean”. We have arranged that they get all the possibilities to communicate with their families.

What did we do to comply with or pro-actively arrange for a safe continuation of our mutual business?

As a shipping company we had to take sector-specific measures for which we follow the advice of the Dutch government and the guidelines of RIVM.

Shore and offices

  • A dedicated Task Force Corona (TFC) has been formed. The Task Force works on outstanding actions, required new measurements and news updates. This, in close consultation with the Board of Directors and the rest of our Management team.
  • Our offices are open, but in line with the measures of the Dutch government, our employees work from home as much as possible. We have facilitated this for over 200 persons in our offices over the globe and this guarantees our business processes to continue.
  • The receipt of external parties is kept to a minimim. Instead, we prefer digital meetings.


  • To minimize the risk of contamination, our office employees are not allowed to travel to ships or meetings unless this cannot be handled via digital meetings and the visit is vital for our operations.
  • High-risk areas are avoided for work-related activities. Only in case of an emergency specific permission will be granted

Vessels and crew changes

  • Where and when it is possible with international and local corona restrictions and travel bans, we are performing crew changes. We supply our crew with PPE’s to minimize the risk of infection and spreading the virus.
  • Our crews are instructed not to go ashore.
  • Crews will ask authorities and shore personnel to keep clear of our crew members on board and not to enter the accommodation and preferably not to board the vessel if not absolutely necessary. We realize that these measures may seem drastic, but we believe they are necessary in order to protect our crew and visitors. We expect your empathy and participation to uphold this measurement.

Let’s have understanding and take care of each other, stay in contact and healthy.


Koos Zumkehr (Director Chartering)

Theo Klimp (Fleet Director)

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