Heavy transport is precision work, even when dealing with constructions weighing several tonnes. Wagenborg has the right people and the right equipment to mobilize to offer the most safe and suitable transport solutions. After all, the best equipment only gets its value when it’s deployed in a smart way.

Wagenborg Nedlift is a specialist in the area of horizontal, vertical, and heavy transports. Together with expert engineering and project management, Wagenborg Nedlift offers a complete service for hoisting, heavy transport, and assembly. Wagenborg Nedlift operates throughout Europe and beyond for clients from the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry, the energy sector, and construction and infrastructure.

Wagenborg Nedlift would be pleased to offer you a complete package of logistics services, from renting cranes on an hourly basis to moving an entire factory. We provide you with the right, most efficient, and safe solution. Always in close consultation, and in joint implementation where possible.

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