The Wagenborg fleet of the future

How can we make sure that our fleet continues to meet the needs of our clients in times of sustainability demands? That is the central issue for the Wagenborg fleet strategy. In conversation with Theo Klimp, fleet director of Wagenborg Shipping.

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Masterpiece in offshore lifting

The Wagenborg Foxdrill team recently completed a very special offshore lifting project: the dismantling of a complete derrick on an offshore platform about 50 kilometers off the coast of Congo.

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Create added value with contract-based offshore

With the completion of KINGSBORG, Wagenborg Offshore director Edwin de Vries has five ‘walk to work’ vessels operational in the southern North Sea under a long-term contract within ten years. This success comes from the trust that offshore operators have in the transparent and service-led working methods of Wagenborg. “We're now seeing an interest in our vessels from other parts of the world”, says De Vries.

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Why vetting is valuable

Customers or their customers increasingly choose to engage a vetting company before entrusting their valuable cargo to one of our vessels. Such a vetting company checks the quality of our organization, services and ships. That means another check that costs us a lot of time and energy, in addition to, for example, the checks of Flagstate, Portstate and Class. Nevertheless, we are happy with this extra check. Nautical Operations Manager Eldert Heijkoop explains why.

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Metsä Group: "We select the partners we trust"

If you thought the paper industry was going to disappear, think again. Even though the global demand for fine paper has dropped, online shopping drives packaging paper volumes through the roof. We talk with Metsä Group’s Vice President Marine Logistics Jyrki Ranki about growth ambitions, innovations driving sustainability and choosing the right logistic partners.

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Wagenborg contributes to LNG terminal in Eemshaven

Eemshaven. Once the land of peat and agriculture. Nowadays more and more of new energy. Not only from offshore wind energy, but since September also from LNG via the EemsEnergyTerminal, a Gasunie subsidiary. This means that the Netherlands is one step closer to independence from Russian natural gas. The terminal will run at full capacity this winter.

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The art and importance of bringing and keeping the right people

Good employees are indispensable for a successful company, but how do you ensure that you recruit and retain the right employees? Prof. dr. Dr Lidewey van der Sluis has already inspired the HR staff and management of Wagenborg with her insights into the interface of business economics and strategic talent management. Now she also shares her ideas with Wagenborg. “From an employer’s perspective, I see a working relationship as an investment in the human capital of a company. Such an investment should pay off. You can’t take that lightly.”

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Put your logo on your heart

For many years Franck Gibone worked in the West African oil market for a publicly traded service company, where “investor return” - may it be by pushing rates up in a high cycle or cutting costs in a low market to maximize profits for the shareholders - was paramount. This conventional approach and lack of creativity in developing a business were among the contributing factors in his decision to join in 2019, the Perenco Group, a family-owned and managed company in France. “A world of difference”, he states.

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Wagenborg invests in leadership with ‘Water’ program

The ‘Wagenborg Attitude Training Experience & Responsibility Programme’, or WATER program, was launched in autumn this year. With this tailor-made training program, Wagenborg works on the leadership skills of its captains and officers. “The role of the captain and officers has shifted significantly in recent years from pure seamanship to a management position. Since people management is underexposed in nautical training, we are looking for ways to develop this”, says Mark Hoving, Senior Operational Manager Wagenborg Crew Management.

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