Sustainability: 130 years old and still green

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  • ISO 14001
  • Clean Shipping Index registered
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130 years old, but still green

Growing old is inevitable. As the years pass one is expected to assume an increasing number of responsibilities, particular toward the environment. Since Egbert Wagenborg started sailing in 1888, Wagenborg has led the way in fulfilling these obligations and was one of the first shipping companies in the world to gain ISO 9001, ISM Code and ISO 14001 certifications in addition to a Clean Shipping Index registration. Naturally, we are proud of our success in this field, but that does not mean we are complacent. Far from it. We regard our achievements as merely being steps in the right direction. For us, the environment is a top priority, not only today but for the future – and for the generations to follow. We like to think of ourselves as flexible as far as our customers are concerned, but on green issues, we do not compromise. No matter how old we become.


Royal Wagenborg recognizes the responsibility to protect and respect the Environment; Water, Air and Land. We understand the environmental liabilities related to our activities. All Wagenborg employees and subcontractors have the obligation to ensure that they and their colleagues cooperate with the Royal Wagenborg to achieve its environmental objectives.

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Within Royal Wagenborg we take safety issues seriously. Workplace health and safety will remain our priority and we will ensure that the Board, all employees, subcontractors and visitors are actively engaged in this vision.

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Good employees are indispensable for every company. Then it's not just about recruiting and retaining the right people. At least as important is that they are motivated, vital and satisfied. As part of our social policy, we have introduced the Royal Wagenborg HR principles & guidelines.

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In our process management and operations we apply the quality standard. Our successfully rounded certification system under the most current international standards within applicable sectors confirms our quality system.

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Corporate HSEQ manager

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