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  • 125 years of logistic experience

  • Owned assets & equipment

  • ~3.000 committed people

Bringing your production locations back to their original state with our versatile decommissioning services

Oil and gas infrastructure reaches the end of its economic life span. Bringing back your onshore and offshore production sites to their original state requires a variety of specialistic decommissioning, abandoning and restoring services. A wide range of owned assets and equipment, makes Wagenborg your preferred decom partner.

Our logistic scope in your decommissioning project

With over 125 years of experience, Wagenborg is a reputable service provider to the offshore industry. As such, Wagenborg is able to handle the majority of the logistic scope for decommissioning your production sites. Put Wagenborg in charge of logistics during decommissioning, for a smooth experience with unmatched lead times. Safe, reliable and cost-efficient.

  • IRATA rope access crews

  • LEEA, IADC en Achilles/FPAL

What decommissioning services you can expect

In addition to her extensive knowledge and experience, Wagenborg owns a variety of assets and equipment perfectly suitable for decommissioning your onshore and offshore assets. From disassembling jackets and topsides to transporting these units to shore. From discharging heavy components at our own terminal to dismantling, scrapping and recycling at our decom yard. Versatile, state of the art and environmentally-friendly.

  • 10 tugs up to 80 ton bollard pull

  • 12 barges up to 20.000 ton cargo capacity

  • 100 mobile and crawler cranes up to 700 ton

  • 200 axles SPMT + ~30 heavy duty trailers

  • 6 dedicated offshore/W2W vessels

  • 390.000 m2 storage area

Based in Delfzijl and Eemshaven, Wagenborg is one of the largest logistics players in the North Sea area

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Wagenborg Offshore

For offshore support and walk to work vessels

P.O. Box 14, 9930 AA Delfzijl, The Netherlands

Marktstraat 10, 9934 CK Delfzijl, The Netherlands

T +31 596 636 911

Wagenborg Towage

For tugs and pontoons

P.O. Box 14, 9930 AA Delfzijl, The Netherlands

Marktstraat 10, 9934 CK Delfzijl, The Netherlands

T +31 596 636 911

Wagenborg Nedlift

For heavy lifting and special transport

Gideonweg 5, 9723 BM Groningen, the Netherlands

T +31 88 050 51 00

Wagenborg Stevedoring

For storage and transhipments

P.O. Box 14, 9930 AA Delfzijl, The Netherlands

Handelskade Oost 21, 9932 BR Delfzijl, The Netherlands

T +31 596 636 911

Wagenborg Foxdrill

For rope access and disassembly services

P.O. Box 404, 7570 AK Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

Kampenstraat 14, 7575 EK Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

T +31 541 580 500

Wagenborg Agencies

For port agencies and customs

P.O. Box 14, 9930 AA Delfzijl, The Netherlands

Handelskade Oost 21, 9932 BR Delfzijl, The Netherlands

T +31 596 636 911

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“Our vessels can easily assist with decommisioning oil and gas platforms or wind farms at the end of their lifespan.”

  • Transparent & service-led

  • Quality & safety

  • Transparent open-book calculation

"With the completion of KINGSBORG, we have five ‘walk to work’ vessels operational in the southern North Sea under a long-term contract within ten years. This success comes from the trust that offshore operators have in the transparent and service-led working methods of Wagenborg."

Edwin de Vries

Edwin de Vries

Director Wagenborg Offshore

Need help? Contact one of our decom experts

Need help? Contact one of our decom experts

Paul Bakker

Business Development Wagenborg Offshore

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23 May 2024 Shipping goes green: Wagenborg's 'Fuldaborg' sets sail with bio fuels

In a step towards greener shipping, the vessel 'Fuldaborg,' owned by the shipping company Wagenborg, recently embarked on a journey from North America to Europe, powered by eco-friendly bio fuels.

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15 May 2024 Another EasyMax 4 milestone: installation of the bridge deck

In the heart of the North Dutch maritime cluster, another milestone has been reached in the construction of the EasyMax 4 vessel at the Niestern Sander shipyard. On this next generation vessel, built for the shipping company Wagenborg, the bridge deck was installed safe and successfully. This milestone not only marks a crucial moment in the shipbuilding process, but also underlines the seamless cooperation and dedication of our people in realising future-proof solutions.

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01 May 2024 Wagenborg strengthens market position with Ampelmann gangway installation on W2W vessel Kingsborg

Wagenborg, a leading maritime service provider, has recently announced a significant upgrade to its walk-to-work (W2W) vessel, Kingsborg. The vessel returned to the Niestern Sander shipyard for the installation of an A-type Ampelmann gangway, further enhancing its capabilities in the offshore energy sector, particularly in the Southern North Sea.

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