Wagenborg customer solutions

Discover how we help our customers to maintain visibility over their GHG emission footprint and provide solutions to achieve reductions.

Wagenborg customer solutions

Sustainability is a central topic in all our customer engagements. By fully understanding our customers’ needs, we are better positioned to develop and deliver impactful solutions and services that drive their business outcomes. Sustaining close partnerships with our customers helps us anticipate their priorities and strategic directions, ensuring that our offerings evolve in step with their challenges so we can advance together towards our GHG reduction targets – as fast as possible. Helping our customers to maintain visibility over their greenhouse gas (GHG) emission footprint from logistics and providing solutions to achieve reductions, are two of our key priorities.

Decarbonising logistics

In line with our customers ambitions to fight climate change, we offer our customers the opportunity to mutually take action in decarbonization in their supply chain. Already today, we offer low-GHG emission shipping solutions to our customers, and pilot decarbonized solutions for landside transportation and port facilities.

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