24 February 2020 Wagenborg serves the bulk vessel Tian Lu in Eemshaven

Sunday 23rd February, the bulk vessel Tian Lu arrived in the port of Eemshaven. Upon arrival, the Tian Lu received port assistance of the two Wagenborg tugs to safely berth at the quay side.

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20 February 2020 Wagenborg installs a 365-ton bridge section in Bilbao

Recently Wagenborg Towage placed a 70-meter bridge in Spain, using two separate pontoons as a catamaran.

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18 February 2020 Bothniaborg deviated to Antwerp for a full cargo of northbound ROROs

The RORO carrier Bothniaborg recently loaded a full cargo of ROROs in the port of Antwerp destined for Cuxhaven under agency of Wagenborg.

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14 February 2020 MV Egbert Wagenborg shipped concentrates from the Continent to the Baltic

The mining and minerals industry is one of the key markets of Wagenborg. Royal Wagenborg knows the market since 1898 and has grown together with many major mining companies. Recently, the MV Egbert Wagenborg shipped 11.000 tonnes of copper concentrates from the Continent to the Baltic.

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07 February 2020 MV Lauwersborg shipped woodpulp from Baltic to the Continent

The forest industry is one of the key markets of Wagenborg. Royal Wagenborg knows the market since 1898 and has grown together with many major forest companies. Recently, the MV Lauwersborg shipped 5.000 tonnes of woodpulp from the Baltic to the Continent.

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24 January 2020 Wind propulsion ventifoils on board MV Ankie

Recently two eCONOwind ventifoils were installed on the MV Ankie from the Wagenborg affiliated captain owner Jan van Dam

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15 January 2020 MV Exeborg loads concentrates at US East Coast for the Continent

Recently the MV Exeborg loaded copper concentrates at Gooyears Cove in Canada for Spain.

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06 January 2020 Exeborg welcomed as first ocean going vessel of 2020 in the port of Montreal

The MV Exeborg became the first ocean-going vessel to reach the Port of Montreal without a stopover in 2020, by crossing the downstream limits of the Port at Sorel on January 3, at 2:11 a.m.

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23 December 2019 A retrospect on 2019

Winter is coming. And that remains special for us every year. Where nature around us keeps hibernation and waits for the days to get longer, we continue to sail through large ice plains with our ice-strengthened ships. With Christmas on the horizon, it's time to look back on 2019. With a continuous focus on safety, innovation and sustainability, Wagenborg maintains her reputation as the multipurpose short sea shipping company. As we move into 2020, here is a look back on some stories that moved our company last year.

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