Making our business more sustainable every day for present and future generations by being the leading multi-purpose shipping company

Founded in 1898, Royal Wagenborg is an international maritime logistics conglomerate. The family owned and managed company offers a variety of sustainable maritime logistics services with regard to shipping, ports & terminals and offshore services. Managed out of the Delfzijl (NL) headquarters, Wagenborg has built a global commercial network. With about 2,600 employees Wagenborg serves clients predominantly in the Baltic, northwest Europe, the Mediterranean, the Americas and the Far East.

A sign of Solutions

We provide transport in the widest possible sense. From part to full cargos. Safe and reliable. The Wagenborg companies all carry the same Wagenborg flag that can be seen everywhere. On sailor’s jackets. On our vessels and cranes. A flag that binds us together. With our drive to create transportation solutions and implementing them for our customers. Our flag is the sign of our focus on solutions. In other words, a ‘Sign of Solutions’. 


"Our mission is to be the leading multi-purpose shipping company that with its solutions remains a preferred partner to our customers"


"We want to make our business more sustainable every day for present and future generations and be a sustainably long term healthy-yielding company that drives cost down through innovation and efficient processes"

Good seamanship and values

Good seamanship in our family company is the result of a joint effort of sea and shore. It emerges from an on-going co-production between seafarers and office staff who have a shared interest: managing the ship and our business in the best possible way. We have defined six values that describe how we achieve our business goals.

We show craftmanship

The fundament of our business is craftsmanship. This is a combination of experience, knowledge, professionalism, safety culture and performance ability on board a vessel. It is about the knowledge and skills to operate, navigate, manage the people, the safety and the maintenance of a ship. This capability is the result of life long training and learning, often transferred from one generation of seafarers to the next.

We communicate

Good communication starts with mutual trust and respect. Clear, two-way communication is essential to quickly understand what’s going on, to take the right actions at an early stage and to give and get proper feedback about performance.

We work safe

Safe working is one of our core competences because we want to come home safely. The key lies in showing personal leadership - both at sea and in the office.

We have a strong eye for efficiency

An important company goal is to safely operate the vessel in the most economical way. Future success in our business requires a clever utilization of ship, cargo and crew.

We are engaged

A safe and well-performing ship is only possible when both seafarers and office staff are willing and able ‘to go the extra mile’. This engagement can only exist when we feel like we are part of a team in which we trust, appreciate, support and develop our colleagues.

We represent and respect Wagenborg

For more than a century, our shipping company is a reliable business partner. Today we belong to the ‘100 Club’: out of almost 23.000 ownership groups worldwide, there are only 50 ownership groups with more than 100 vessels. This is something to be very proud of.

Key figures

About 160 MPP ships

About 3.000 colleagues 

Annual volume of ~31,0 million tons

8.000 port calls a year

Over 130 years old, but still green

Sustainability, innovation and working together are key to facing environmental, social and economic challenges successfully. That is why we have embraced a sustainability strategy to make our business more sustainable every day for present and future generation.

More about our sustainability strategy

Policy statements and Code of conduct

Policy statement Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

As Royal Wagenborg we feel responsible for people, the environment and the delivery of high-quality services.

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Code of Conduct

Royal Wagenborg Code of Conduct is intended to make the Royal Wagenborg management and employees more aware of acting ethically. 

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Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct indicates Wagenborg’s minimum requirements and aspirations for all Wagenborg suppliers in the areas of: Human and labour rights, Health and safety, Business ethics and Environmental performance.

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