Dedicated 24/7 port towage and tug assistance in Eemshaven and Delfzijl

  • Various highly maneuverable tugs up to 80tBP

  • 100.000 towage assistances per year

  • 24/7 availability

Planned a port call in The Netherlands? We take care of you.

Wagenborg safely assists a vast range of vessels from and to their berthing places at the ports in the Ems region. We are always ready with a dedicated 24/7 service. For sure.

Port assistance and tug services

Wagenborg provides tug assistance to various vessels in the ports of Delfzijl, Eemshaven and other ports and in the Dutch and German part of the Ems. This includes multipurpose vessels, roro vessels, oil and chemicals tankers and container vessels. With modern and highly sophisticated tugs, we carry out operations safely and with a minimum number of tugs required per job.

Discover our tug boats

Waterlines & Waterland 80 tBP

  • Call sign: PFAN
  • GT: 498 t
  • Length: 32,00 m
  • Width: 13,20 m
  • Depth: 5,49 m

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Waterman 53 tBP

  • Call sign: PBJU
  • GT: 429 t
  • NT: 128 t
  • Length: 33,34 m
  • Width: 10,00 m
  • Depth: 4,60 m

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Waterstraat & Waterstroom 60 tBP

  • Call sign: PCIW / PCIV
  • GT: 294 t
  • NT: 88 t
  • Length: 28,67 m
  • Width: 10,43 m
  • Depth: 4,60 m

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Waterstad 35 tBP

  • Call sign: PHCT
  • Length: 18,30 m
  • Width: 7,00  m
  • Depth: 3,00 m

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Waterlelie 10 tBP

  • Call sign: PB8981
  • Length: 17,11 m
  • Width: 6,40  m
  • Depth: 2,56 m

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Waterpoort 9t BP

  • Call sign: PB2884
  • Length: 20,40 m
  • Width: 6,30  m
  • Depth: 2,80 m

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Gyas 5 tBP

  • Call sign: PD2424
  • Length: 15,89 m
  • Width: 4,85  m
  • Depth: 2,45 m

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  • Call sign: PB8796
  • Length: 32,65 m
  • Width: 6,46  m
  • Depth: 0,90 m

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Latest News

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23 May 2024 Wagenborg contributes to building project new Hunte bridge in Germany

Last weekend the logistic experts of Wagenborg lowered two concrete girders from a height of 30 meters in Oldenburg. These girders are part of the old ‘Hunte bridge’ at the A29 motorway in Germany and had to be removed in the rebuilding project of this bridge.

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17 April 2024 Again Wagenborg performs safe tug assistance for LNG carrier in Eemshaven

Sunday April 14th Wagenborg again assisted an inbound LNG carrier safely to berth in Eemshaven. For towing the SM Albatross, the Wagenborg tugs Waterlines, Waterland, Waterstraat and Waterstroom were put in action.

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10 January 2024 New Stage V engine for 47 year old inland pusher tug GYAS

Recently, the engine installation of the 47-year old inland pusher tug ‘GYAS’ has been completely renewed. The old two-stroke diesel engine has been replaced by a Volvo D13-400 main engine. By investing in this new Stage V engine, the GYAS is ready for many more years of loyal service.

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