This week, a sparkling new 400-tons mobile crane was delivered to Wagenborg Nedlift. This giant from fabricator Tadano Faun is the first of its kind sold in the Netherlands by Benelux importer Waterland Trading.


The crane is equipped with various new ‘gadgets’ for mobile cranes. First of all, the crane has a 31 meter long hydraulic fly jib, which can be assembled by the cranes itself. Therefore, no assisting cranes are necessary to construct the fly jib. ‘Under the hood’, a modern 653 PS engine is installed with AdBlue, combining considerable engine power with a low fuel usage and low emission.


Furthermore, the operators’ safety is an important issue: the crane is equipped with a flat deck and an extensive set of fences, railing and staircases. ‘Difficult’ locations on the cranes are thus easily accessible. With the assistance of the TRAM-system, the operator is able to secure himself during working on the mast sections of the crane.


Transport of counterweight for the new descendant takes place on a semi low-loader instead of a traditional counterweight trailer. Working height at a semi low-loader is considerably lower than at the conventional trailer type and this improves safety during loading and offloading of counterweight parts.


Moreover, the 400-tons Tadano Faun is able to safely handle its counterweight parts itself within the lifting capacities margins.


And last but not least, the new crane is equipped with the Lift Adjuster, an invention of Tadano Faun preventing the load to sway during hook off operation.

With this brand new machine, Wagenborg Nedlift takes another step in the direction of working safer, more efficiently and more sustainable. We are therefore proud with this investment!


On the picture, Mr. Ton Klijn (Managing Director of Wagenborg Nedlift) congratulates the crane operator and his crew with the new crane. Also present: 4th from the right: Mr. Jacob Wijnker (Managing Director Waterland Trading), 2nd from the right: Waterland Trading Sales Manager Richard Beenen, 2nd from the left: Murk Lamminga, BU manager Cranes Department Wagenborg Nedlift.


First job for the 400 tons Tadano Faun in Maastricht, NL

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