On a cold day early January, again an extraordinary transport took place in Hengelo. From the shop there, Wagenborg Nedlift transported a 200 tons degasification unit to its final destination in Wilhelshaven, Germany. The unit will be installed at the new built KW Wilhelmshaven.


The freezy weather caused a slippery road, so the start of this transport project was not easy. However, getting grip on the road surface was not a problem with so many wheels. At nearby quayside, two large mobile cranes were ready to load the 200 tons giant into an inland water vessel, heading for Delfzijl. Upon arrival there, transhipment into Wagenborg’s mv Vissersbank was carried out. It took only one day for mv Vissersbank to sail to Wilhelmshaven. Wagenborg Nedlifts crew was already waiting there to take the cargo over. Then, the most difficult part of the job started. The convoy had to drive right through the city in the middle of the night, with some serious obstacles such as power lines to be passed. No problem for the Nedlift crew: the complete route was investigated thoroughly long before the transport took place and all necessary preparations along the route were taken care of thoroughly. A smooth and fast transport of the 200 tons giant was the result. And of course a satisfied customer!


Wilhelmshaven 01


Wilhelmshaven 02




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