Recently, Wagenborg transported eight big storage tanks from Haren Ems (Germany) to the chemical complex in Schkopau (Germany). A multidimensional and challenging project. A great opportunity for Wagenborg to show her knowledge and skills.

At the production site in Haren the tanks have been transported to the quay and transshipped into several inland vessels by a 500 tonnes mobile crane. As soon as the ships were loaded, the two-week journey to Pfützthal (Germany) could start. Upon arrival in Pfützthal, a 600 tonnes mobile crane unloaded the tanks and positioned them onto supports. Then, two modular 17-axle lines platform trailers transported the tanks to the chemical complex in Schkopau.

Transport by road to Schkopau was a challenging event. It wasn’t possible to pass the last 40 kilometers during daytime via the highway due to the measurements of the tanks (30 meters long, 5,5 meters wide and 5,6 meters high). Therefore, the tanks have been transported by night. In order to deliver the eight giants at the final location, it was necessary to adjust the route considerably. A 250 meters long temporary road needed to be laid out, ditches had to be filled up, traffic lights and power cables had to be turned off, a crash barrier needed to be removed partly etcetera.

Once arrived at the chemical complex, the tanks were positioned onto supports again prior positioning the tanks onto the sand bed. A challenging job, as the tanks needed to be lifted over a railway and a cable duct at 50 meters maximum radius!

Due to good preparations and an intensive cooperation, Wagenborg positioned the tanks onto the sand bed as planned. Teamwork to be proud of!

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