As every year, the KNVTS awards the ‘Ship of the Year’ title to a ship built in the Netherlands, which distinguishes itself in the field of design, economy, durability, safety and construction. The ‘Kroonborg “has been nominated for this prestigious award, which will be awarded in November 2015.

A motion compensated Ampelmann gangway system, world’s first fully  motion compensated Barge Master T40 crane, DP2 system, Voith Schneider Propellers (incorporating an anti roll system) and  super silent Voith Inline (bow-)Thrusters, chemicals storage and pumping systems and cold start-up unit, 500m2 free deck space,  maintenance workshops, a fast rescue craft plus daughter craft and accommodation facilities for 60 people on board.

One by one essential features which are pretty common for an offshore vessel. But by combining these specs in one single design– like a kind of Swiss knife – you will get a unique vessel the world has not seen before. 

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