Recently the m.v. Mississippiborg shipped a special cargo from Drammen (Norway) to Eemshaven (the Netherlands): two cable baskets containing 90 kilometers of fiber optic cable.   

Upon arrival in Eemshaven of the m.v. Mississippiborg the floating crane Triton was already in position to discharge the vessel. Both fiber optic cables were loaded in special constructed cable baskets measuring 100 and 220 tonnes in weight including the cable.

After the crew of the Triton hooked in the load, the cable baskets were lifted out of the vessels’s hold and put in storage on the quay side of the Wagenborg terminal.

These fiber optic cables will be transhipped on a cable laying vessel later on, together with the HVDC cables the m.v. Avonborg delivered earlier at Eemshaven.

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