Wagenborg invested in a new type Spierings tower crane: SK597-AT4. This is the fourth and newest 4-axle lines generation hydraulic mobile tower crane of Spierings. A unique but compact machine with a 48 meter radius. Meanwhile, the crane is delivered and deployed.  

The jib, consisting of four parts, can be positioned in a 15°, 30° and 45° upward angle as well as in a horizontal position. This creates a lifting height varying between 27,8 meters in horizontal position and 58,1 meters at a 45° upward angle. At tip load, the lifting capacity is 1700 kg. The maximum load capacity, without using additional ballast, is 7000 kg.

The assembly time of the new crane is only 12 minutes, as the crane is equipped with an auxiliary crane arm to place the steel plates. The newest machine of Wagenborg is Euromot VI certified and thus  it fully meets the latest emission standards.

Please find more information about the SK597-AT4 on www.spieringskranen.nl.


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