On Tuesday, June 28th, 2016, Wagenborg placed the wheelhouse of Symphony Shipping’s vessel the Symphony Performer (currently under construction). Wagenborg deployed one of her 500 tonnes mobile telescopic cranes for this job. The vessel is being built at Ferus Smit yard in Leer (Germany).  

The wheelhouse, weighing 75 tonnes, had to be lifted up to 38 meters. Including the weight of the hoisting block and the lifting equipment (3 tonnes), the total lifting weight was 78 tonnes. Due to lack of space on site, the wheelhouse had to be lifted over a small working radius, only 16 meters. To perform this job, Wagenborg equipped her 500 tonnes mobile crane with 180 tonnes counterweight and guideboom.  

Thanks to the fine engineering and excellent craftsmanship of the Wagenborg crane operators, it was possible to lift the wheelhouse by only using the 51,8 meters long main boom equipped with guideboom and counterweight. Herewith Wagenborg saved a lot of time. 

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