Early December, Wagenborg signed the order with Spierings for the supply of four new SK597-AT4 tower cranes. With this great investment in the latest generation of Spierings mobile tower cranes, Wagenborg is giving a boost to her crane fleet.

Latest generation SK597-AT4

The maximum radius of the new SK507-AT4 tower cranes of Wagenborg is 48 meters, combined with a capacity of 1.700 kilograms. The maximum hoisting height is 58.1 meters with a peaked position of 45°. The SK-597-AT4 is able to hoist loads up to 7.000 kilograms at a 14.1 m radius.

Full configuration set-up of the AT4 only takes 8 minutes. All cranes are equipped with steel crane mats, 200 x 90 cm, and a lifting device to put these mats in place. Setup and operation of the AT4 only requires one crane operator. No extra counter weight or boom parts are necessary to operate the crane. Moreover,  the AT4 cranes are fully equipped with the latest technical features, such as truck navigation, air conditioning and various cameras.

All-round machine

The new Spierings cranes are equipped with a DAF MX11 Euro 6 motor with a ZF-axle Tronic gearbox and hydro pneumatic suspension system. All-round  machines, that are also perfectly capable of driving long distances.

By October 2018, the first two AT-4 cranes will be delivered. Number three and four will follow in January 2019.  

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