Koningsborg ready for more years of reliable service after refit
11 October 2022

Koningsborg ready for more years of reliable service after refit

After a few weeks of maintenance, the MV Koningsborg has been taken into service again after her fifth class renewal. After this refit in Turkey, the 9.000 DWT K-type vessel was put back into operations for many more years of reliable service.

The crew, the shipyard, local suppliers and Wagenborg superintendents performed a variety of works and updates on the hull, cargo holds, hatch covers, gantry crane and machinery of the 24-year-old vessel. 

The intensive docking period included the following work:

  • steel replacement in the vessel’s hull, bulkheads and hatch covers to assure the vessels’ construction remains above the safety standards.
  • Blasting and painting of the vessel’s hull to reduce water resistance and fuel consumption
  • Blasting and painting of both cargo holds which is about 7.000 m2 in total.
  • All moveable bulk heads have been fully painted and the holding pins have been maintained
  • All seal rubbers of the hatches have been replaced and the waterways on the coamings, beams and hatch covers have been repaired where necessary to guarantee fully water tightness of the cargo holds.
  • The gantry crane has been overhauled including all wheel units, the hydraulic components and lifting wires. Also, anti-slip grids were installed for more safe operations during the winter period
  • Both the main engine and auxiliary engines were completely overhauled to guarantee continuation of the safe service in the years to come
  • The stern tube seals have been replaced to guarantee zero oil spills
  • Installation of a ballast water treatment system to prevent the movement of harmful organisms
  • Various equipment that has become obsolete, such as on the bridge and motor management, has been upgraded.
  • Installation of a V-sat for crew welfare and to be ready for future increase of data exchange
  • Installation of a system for fresh water production under any circumstances. This additional system gives the possibility to produce fresh water even alongside without running of the main engine.
  • Replacement of all deck and cargo holds lighting by LED to reduce fuel consumption
  • Significant improvement of domestic conditions for the crew inside the living accommodation
  • Increasing the max draft of the vessel results in an increased cargo capacity and a more efficient ship

Life time extention by applying innovations and modifications

We know it is all about zero-damage, reliability and flexibility for our customers. Preventing damage to cargo during loading, sea voyage and discharging has the highest priority. That is why we always have set high maintenance standards for our MPP fleet. This focus on the quality of our vessels do pay out since a vessel inventory validated an economic lifetime of 30 years. Applying innovations and modifications to our existing fleet extend this lifetime even further, as proven with the Koningsborg.

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