"The crews are professional and helpful"

Galih Asmorojati - 3rd Officer

"I am very glad to be back at Wagenborg"

“I started sailing at Wagenborg as an apprentice. After that I got a job as 3rd Officer at MV Doggersbank. This is my second period on board of the Doggersbank. In between, I worked for another shipping company, but I am very glad to be back at Wagenborg. The other company did not pay my salary on time, there was no internet onboard, if you wanted to call home, I had to pay and last but not least: they did not pay enough attention to safety.


At Wagenborg we have very clear safety system management. I am the safety officer on board, help out with the voyage plans and maintain the safety equipment. The crews are professional and helpful. Everybody is like family.


I’ll never forget the first time we sailed to Finland. It was minus 32 degrees. We were going to a seamen mansion. We put on our winter coats and went outsight. At first, we walked towards the mansion, but it was so cold. After a few meters, we all started running. Luckily the mansion was nice and warm.”

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