Cost reduction throught preventive maintenance

Within the ‘SMArt Maintenance of Ships (SMASH) project’ ship-owners, suppliers, data- and IT-specialists team up to make vessel maintenance condition based. Maritime maintenance is not only important but also a huge expense. Unplanned accidents come with a hefty repair cost, due to the inability to deploy a vessel and thus causing loss of revenue. Currently, maintenance is done on a preventive or corrective level. It is the trick to have it take place before a failure happens; this not only increases the deployability of the vessel but also reduces the expenses.

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The sky is the limit - a retrospect on the collaboration with Yara

Our meeting precedes the Operations Team-meeting (OT). We have barely shaken hands before Marc de Rijcke convincingly dives in. About the importance of an open dialogue, his ‘core-owner’-philosophy, the previous love-hate relationship between Yara and Wagenborg, and about trust in each other. Marc de Rijcke, Head of Short Sea Chartering at Yara Maritime Logistics, reviews the long history between Yara and Wagenborg.

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As seen by the cargo superintendent

The Danish authorities have initiated the Fjord Link project to build a new bridge over the Roskilde fjord. The 8.2 km four-lane link will be located just south of Frederikssund. The new bridge consists of 492 concrete segments that are being constructed in Szczecin, Poland. The bridge is planned to open in 2019, so the final sections of the bridge need to be in Denmark by December 2018. That’s a logistical challenge where everything depends on planning, timing, and professionalism. So we decided to ask Wagenborg cargo superintendent Albert Snijders about it.

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A gateway to the east

Kirkenes is ideally suited for observing the Northern Lights. Regardless of this draw, the Norwegian landmark feels like a final destination; end of the line for both roads and ferries. Yet Kirkenes, situated at a mere 10 kilometres from Russia, is known as the ‘gateway to the east’. Renovating the existing E105 targets the facilitation of trade and cooperation between neighbouring countries. Part of this upgrade is the construction of the Bøkfjord bridge; the 120 metre arched steel bridge spanning the Norwegian fjords, connecting Norway and Russia. A complex logistical challenge for Wagenborg to overcome.

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EasyMax: Easy to operate, maximum performance

After months of work on building hull number 850, it’s now time to introduce the “EasyMax”. The EasyMax is an open-top multi-purpose ice-classed vessel with a load capacity of 14,200 tonnes and a hold volume of 625,000 cubic feet. The combination of that large load capacity and very low fuel consumption makes this Wagenborg vessel a leader in its segment in terms of sustainability.

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Successful North West Passage by Wagenborg

Royal Wagenborg, a Dutch maritime and logistics services provider, has announced that its ice-strengthened MV Africaborg has travelled from Lianyungang in China to Baie Comeau in Canada via the Northwest Passage. The Africaborg is thus the first European merchant vessel to traverse the entire Northwest Passage without the assistance of icebreakers. The journey from China to Canada through the Northwest Passage is some 3750 nautical miles shorter than the traditional route via the Panama Canal, resulting in a shorter journey and thus a reduction in emissions of over 40%.

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Wagenborg supports during major Suex Canal Expansion Project

Wagenborg has acquired two major contracts for the prestigious expansion project of the Suez Canal. The first contract was closed with a consortium consisting of the Dutch companies Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., Van Oord, NMDC (Abu Dhabi) and Jan de Nul (Belgium) and involves four accommodation units. The second contract was closed with DEME and involves another accommodation unit and one of our icebreaking multipurpose support vessels “Sanaborg”, which was built at our own Royal Niestern Sander shipyard.

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Resolute Forest Products and Wagenborg: true partners in action

For over a century Royal Wagenborg has been a logistic partner for many major wood and paper producers worldwide. Once only known in the Baltic, Wagenborg has since then earned a worldwide reputation in this market. For example, recently m.v. Avonborg made her 100th voyage from Canada to the Caribbean for Resolute Forest Products. Despite this impressive number, this milestone is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the relationship between Resolute and Wagenborg. Hans Kroon, Marco Renzelli and Don Walton look back.

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