Celebrating the Day of the Seafarer
25 June 2024

Celebrating the Day of the Seafarer

Today, we celebrate International Day of the Seafarer, a day dedicated to recognising the invaluable contributions of seafarers around the world. At Wagenborg, we are proud to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to you, our seafarers, for your unwavering dedication and commitment.

The backbone of our operations

Without the dedication and hard work of our 2.000 seafarers, Wagenborg would not be the exemplary organisation it is today. Their commitment to providing safe and sustainable shipping solutions is the foundation upon which our success is built. Day in and day out, in all weathers and under all conditions, they get the job done with determination and professionalism.


Their knowledge, experience, and craftsmanship are the true strength of Wagenborg. Our seafarers embody our core values—working safely, with no surprises, and no half-measures. It is through their efforts that we maintain our reputation for reliability and excellence in the maritime industry.

A message from the Management Team

Although we all may not always show our gratitude enough or take it for granted ourselves, Wagenborg would like to take this moment, on the Day of the Seafarer, to express our deep appreciation and thanks for the commitment of all our people on board our vessels. The hard work and dedication are critical to our ongoing efforts towards a sustainable future for Wagenborg.

The importance of seafarer safety

Seafarer safety is of paramount importance not only to Wagenborg, but to the global community. Ensuring the safety and well-being of seafarers is a responsibility that we all share. By prioritising seafarer safety, we contribute to the overall sustainability and efficiency of the maritime industry.

Show your appreciation

We invite everyone within the maritime community and beyond to show their appreciation for the work of our seafarers. Their safety at sea is in the interest of us all. By recognising their efforts and supporting initiatives that promote seafarer welfare, we can actively contribute to a safer and more sustainable future for the maritime industry.


Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the contributions of our seafarers are recognised and valued. Thank them for their dedication, hard work, and commitment. Wagenborg wouldn't be Wagenborg without them. For sure.

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