Damen and Ampelmann choose Wagenborg to operate Fast Crew Supplier
22 February 2022

Damen and Ampelmann choose Wagenborg to operate Fast Crew Supplier

Wagenborg Offshore has signed a contract with Damen Shipyard and Ampelmann Operations for the operations of the world’s first Fast Crew Supplier. The scope of this agreement includes crew management, HSEQ and technical maintenance of the offshore vessel.

Damen and Ampelmann joined forces to incorporate the walk-to-work expertise of Ampelmann with Damen’s experience in designing and building crew change vessels. After research, market consultation, design and engineering, the Aqua Helix was built on speculation to demonstrate the unique character of this crew supplier. A pilot like this can only be done once. That is why it is crucial everything works perfectly and an experienced crew is key. That is why Damen and Ampelmann choose Wagenborg Offshore with her extensive track record with her fleet of walk-to-work vessels in the Southern North Sea and crew management services.

Fast Crew Supplier

The Fast Crew Supplier (FCS7011) is capable of continuously sailing at speeds of up to 40 knots to enable short transit times. Two motion control systems and a luxury interior that can accommodate up to 150 persons ensure a highly comfortable commute. A number of marine access solutions can be selected to meet your specific needs. Together with the dynamic positioning system, this enables safe transfers in conditions up to 3.0 m significant wave height. The crew change vessel will soon be available from her homeport Den Helder to the offshore energy market and prospective customers.

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