EasyMax 2 launched successfully at shipyard Niestern Sander
29 October 2020

EasyMax 2 launched successfully at shipyard Niestern Sander

Today, the EasyMax 2 vessel was launched successfully at shipyard Royal Niestern Sander. This new building is the successor of the award-winning Egbert Wagenborg, the first EasyMax ship design leading the global Energy Efficiency Design Index!

Live stream

The launch of a new vessel is always a special moment. Although we do not allow visitors on the yard, many visitors from over the world witnessed this spectacular event by attending our live stream.

Greenest multipurpose vessel

With a cargo capacity of more than 14.000 tonnes and a hold capacity of 625.000 cbft, Wagenborg was able to build a relatively large vessel without a major increase in overall dimensions. With an installed power of less than 3.000 kW, this ship has extremely low fuel consumption and due to her design, she has an excellent sea keeping performance. Our focus on Energy Efficiency resulted in over 60% savings in CO2- emissions compared to her peer group. We are proud the EasyMax is by far the greenest multipurpose vessel in her class.

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