'Green' updates for mv Finnborg
15 November 2021
Sustainability & Safety

'Green' updates for mv Finnborg

After a few weeks of regular maintenance the MV Finnborg has been taken into service again. During this docking period in Estonia, the 13.500 DWCC vessel received various ‘green’ updates.

In close cooperation between the crew, the shipyard, local suppliers and the Wagenborg superintendent the mv Finnborg was prepared for the upcoming years if reliable service. 

These updates have been made...

  • Due to a shore power connection, the Finnborg can be 'plugged in' during port stays. This eliminates the need for auxiliary engines to run and minimizes emissions of harmful gases in urban areas.
  • A ballast water management system prevents the unwanted movements of harmful species and organisms when taking in or discharging ballast water.
  • Finnborg starts using biodegradable oils in deck equipment and non-toxic liquids in, for example, air conditioners and refrigerators to limit the impact on the environment.
  • The hold washing installation uses high-pressure cleaners that use little water. In addition, wash water is also stored in special tanks and delivered ashore instead of being discharged into the water.
  • A special air valve on the Finnborg’s propeller ensures that the risk of oil leakage is significantly less than with regular valves.
  • By using a new ultrasonic antifouling system, the growth of (micro)organisms is minimized on the Finnborg without harming the environment, as is the case with traditional copper anode antifouling.
  • Finnborg was painted in her recognizable colors with environmentally friendly paint.
  • After the earlier mentioned modifications, Finnborg is certified by Clean Shipping Index. With a score of more than 100, the Finnborg has a CSI Class 4 certification.

Lifetime extension of the fleet

It is the biggest dilemma in shipping: how do we ensure that, in this era with a great focus on sustainability, ships actually achieve the intended lifespan of 25-30 years? Given the relatively young age of our fleet (~14 years) and therefore a relatively long remaining lifespan, sustainable innovations and adjustments are essential. The superintendents within Wagenborg monitor the quality of a ship during dockings, such as recently with the m.s. Finnborg.

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