MV Adriaticborg loads yachts at US East Coast
19 June 2020

MV Adriaticborg loads yachts at US East Coast

The MV Adriaticborg loads yachts in Port Everglades at the US East Coast for the US West Coast. With a total available deck space of 1.890 m2, these A-class vessels are perfectly suitable to carry deck cargo.

Wagenborg is a specialist in shipping dry cargo bulk and breakbulk. However, on a regular basis various project cargoes are shipped worldwide, such as yachts.

Geared fleet

With over a century of in-depth knowledge and experience of global shipping, we have the logistics solutions to ensure that yachts can be shipped to their destination. In addition, with our geared fleet we have suitable vessels to ship yachts worldwide. Whether through a fixed routing option - liner service - or a more flexible alternative, our team's focus is always to provide the optimum logistics solution to ship a yacht.

Global trade patterns

Besides the European continental trade, Wagenborg maintains worldwide trade on the Atlantic and Pacific. Based on long term contracts, multiple geared Wagenborg ships are sailing from the European continent to the Americas and back to the Mediterranean or the Pacific. These trading patterns offer possibilities to carry yachts on deck for competitive rates.

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