m.v Arubaborg draws attention in Green Bay
19 July 2018

m.v Arubaborg draws attention in Green Bay

Recently, the Port of Green Bay has welcomed a new, large visitor that's expected to become a more common sight on the Fox River. The m.v. Arubaborg, measuring 143 meter in length,  arrived at KK Integrated Logistics's riverside warehouse with a load of wood pulp and newspaper rolls from Itaqui, Brazil.

It is the first time in almost a decade that the port has seen the direct delivery of forest products. In past years, wood pulp and other related products were brought by truck or railroad. While fluctuations in the pulp and paper industry markets can change the economics of shipping products to Green Bay, it is likely Wagenborg will ship loads to this port more frequently.

Other Wagenborg ships have passed through the Port of Green Bay, but this is the first time for the Arubaborg. The Arubaborg is delivering 9,000 tons of pulp and newspaper rolls. The Arubaborg left Green Bay according to schedule to load petcokes in Thunder Bay for Ghent.

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