MV Egbert Wagenborg shipped concentrates from the Continent to the Baltic
14 February 2020

MV Egbert Wagenborg shipped concentrates from the Continent to the Baltic

The mining and minerals industry is one of the key markets of Wagenborg. Royal Wagenborg knows the market since 1898 and has grown together with many major mining companies. Recently, the MV Egbert Wagenborg shipped 11.000 tonnes of copper concentrates from the Continent to the Baltic.

Maximum dimensions and load capacity

With a load capacity of 14,200 tonnes and a hold volume of more than 625,000 cft, the Egbert Wagenborg is a relatively large vessel in terms of cargo intake and hold capacity but without any major increase in overall dimensions or tonnage. With two large box-shaped holds – 13.50m wide, 12.10m high, and 47.36 and 64.38m long, respectively – the Egbert Wagenborg excels in her class with her very high capacity for heavy or light cargo, timber and paper and bulk cargo. In addition, the combination of main engine, gearbox, propeller, and thruster means that the Egbert Wagenborg has an energy-efficient propulsion system, leading to extremely low fuel consumption. 

A flexible fleet

The Wagenborg fleet consists of approximately 170 vessels owned by Wagenborg and captain owners and is modern and environmentally friendly, whilst our capacity ranges from 2,000-23,000 tonnes. These vessels are all equipped with box-shaped holds, which makes them perfectly suitable for shipping mining products such as copper concentrates.

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