MV Máxima ships steel products to Great Lakes
22 August 2022

MV Máxima ships steel products to Great Lakes

Earlier this week, Wagenborg has shipped a cargo of various steel product to the Great Lakes in the USA. In various Baltic ports ferrochrome, steel bars and aluminium was loaded on the mv Máxima destined for the American market. The mv Máxima is one of the EasyMax vessels in the Wagenborg fleet.

This voyage can be considered as an example for the excellent performance of the various gearless vessels on the Trans-Atlantic steel trade.

Zero damage, reliability and flexibility

Wagenborg knows the steel industry since 1898 and has grown together with many major steel companies. We realize the steel industry is highly competitive and an optimal supply chain is therefore crucial, including sea transport. It is all about zero-damage, reliability and flexibility. Preventing damage to cargo during loading, sea voyage and discharging, has our highest priority.

LOLO shipping concept with geared fleet

Our LOLO shipping concept ‘Lifts On’ and ‘Lifts Off’ forest products safe and efficient. Thanks to our custom-made equipment, we are able to handle high-quality cargo with care. Along with box-shaped holds, our ice-class vessels can go practically anywhere, anytime. With real-time data we optimize sailing routes, minimize CO2 output and avoid bad weather. This reduces the risk of damage and makes timing even more reliable.

Cost-efficient and sustainable shipping solutions

The combination of a versatile, modern and environmentally-friendly fleet, a strong focus on cost-efficiency and smart shipping enables our customers to optimize their crucial logistical needs for her premium forest products in a safe and sustainable way for the years to come.

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