MV Wislaborg demonstrates Wagenborg ambitions in West Africa
20 August 2020

MV Wislaborg demonstrates Wagenborg ambitions in West Africa

Wagenborg has shipped 8.500 tonnes of fertilizers from the European Continent to West Africa. The cargo was discharged from the MV Wislaborg in the port of Tema, Ghana. The MV Wislaborg is one of the geared W-class vessels in the Wagenborg fleet.

Earlier this year, Royal Wagenborg has announced to extend the sailing area of her geared MPP fleet to include West Africa. When looking at the current sailing area, this extension was a logical next step. Significant synergies can be seen between the fleet, existing key industries and the opportunities in the region. The recent voyage of the Wislaborg proves this ambition in practice.

From Senegal up to Cameroon

The regional development will be focused on the area from Senegal up to Cameroon, excluding Nigeria for safety reasons. Main ports of this extended regions will be Dakar, Abidjan, Tema and Takoradi. Since port facilities often lack sufficient crane capacity, Wagenborg’s geared fleet of 8.000 DWCC and larger will be an added value in this region.

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