RORO vessel ‘BOTHNIABORG’ ready for many years of loyal service after maintenance and updates
14 November 2023

RORO vessel ‘BOTHNIABORG’ ready for many years of loyal service after maintenance and updates

Recently, the mv Bothniaborg has resumed her liner service again after an extensive maintenance period. her fourth special survey. Because the customer had also planned maintenance on its facilities, it was possible to bring forward a large part of the Bothniaborg survey by a year. During this period, the RORO vessel received a variety of maintenance works and updates on the hull, ramp, machinery and systems. These investments guarantee at least five more years of reliable shipping services for our customers. Next year the special survey of the mv Bothniaborg will be finalized.

Applying modifications and updates

The mv Bothniaborg, built in 2004 at Bodewes Shipyards, was docked at the BLRT shipyards in Klaipeda. Here, the crew, the shipyard, local suppliers and Wagenborg superintendent performed a variety of maintenance and repair works on the 20-year-old vessel. 

To guarantee the weather tightness of the holds and safe cargo handling, the ramp was fully inspected and where required repairs and steel renewals were carried out. Also, the machinery of the vessel was completely overhauled, inspected and tested. This included the main engine, main bearings, stern thruster motor and adjustable pitch propellor. Also, all water-ballast tanks and fuel oil bunker tanks, including the piping systems, were inspected. In addition, the complete stern thruster tunnel was replaced due to a damage.

Life time extension

Wagenborg always has set high-quality standards for her relatively young fleet: it is all about zero damage, reliability and flexibility for our customers. This focus on quality results in an economic lifetime of at least 30 years and does not create an urge to replace ageing vessels with newer ones, while new propulsion systems and alternative fuels are still unclear. By applying innovations and modifications to her existing fleet and maintaining high quality with maintenance and repairs, Wagenborg can extend the lifetime of her existing tonnage even further.

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