Royal Wagenborg launches Supplier Code of Conduct
13 July 2022
Sustainability & Safety

Royal Wagenborg launches Supplier Code of Conduct

Our suppliers play an integral part in our mission to make our business more sustainable every day. At Royal Wagenborg we believe that it is a joint responsibility together with our suppliers to develop and offer services in a responsible and sustainable manner. We expect all of our suppliers to support us on this sustainability journey.

At Royal Wagenborg we conduct our business according to ethical standards. The Wagenborg Code of Conduct provides our employees worldwide with a framework for making responsible everyday business decisions. This is vital to retaining the trust and confidence placed in us by our stakeholders, which is crucial to the success of Wagenborg. We also expect our stakeholders to conduct business ethically.

As such, Wagenborg is now taking the next steps towards embedding the care for people, planet and profit into all our supply chains, by introducing a Supplier Code of Conduct. It is outlining both Wagenborg’s minimum requirements and aspirations for all Wagenborg suppliers in the areas of: 

  • Human and labour rights 
  • Health and safety 
  • Business ethics 
  • Environmental performance 

The Supplier Code of Conduct establishes the minimum standards we expect our Suppliers to abide by. The Supplier Code of Conduct reflects the values and behaviours that apply within our organisation to ensure ethical behaviour in the broadest sense, including corporate responsibility in doing business and customer focus. We realise that it does not address every situation our suppliers may face. It does, however, illustrate the important principles of ethical business conduct that we expect our suppliers to keep in mind when working with, for, or on behalf of Wagenborg. 

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