Royal Wagenborg published 2021 Sustainability Report
15 June 2022
Sustainability & Safety

Royal Wagenborg published 2021 Sustainability Report

Royal Wagenborg has published its 2021 Sustainability Report, a detailed report on how it integrates sustainability into its business and own operations. In 2021 Royal Wagenborg made significant progress in improving her approach to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and in evolving our business to respond to the changes required in the ongoing energy transition.

Wagenborg's sustainability strategy is centered around three core commitments which encompass the areas that the Wagenborg Board determined as strategic priorities within the ESG dimensions. The 2021 sustainability report outlines the actions taken to achieve a better climate & environment, work safely with talented people and how we innovate new solutions.


Egbert Vuursteen, CEO Royal Wagenborg: "This report shows our commitments and performances with a renewed focus on the issues that are material to our business and our stakeholders. I am pleased to report strong progress on the targets set. By the end of 2021, we achieved a 23,2% reduction in CO2 emissions per ton-mile compared to 2008. With this, we are on track to achieve our target of 40 % CO2 reduction in 2030. While there is still much work ahead of us, I am proud of the progress Wagenborg has made in improving and integrating our approach to ESG related matters into our core business activities over the past year."

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