SCR system on tugboat 'Waterpoort' reduces nitrogen by up to 85%
26 February 2021
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SCR system on tugboat 'Waterpoort' reduces nitrogen by up to 85%

Recently, a so-called Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system was installed in the oldest Wagenborg tugboat 'Waterpoort' - built in 1962 and equipped with an old Stork Werkspoor engine. With this catalytic converter behind the engine, exhaust gases are treated, so that nitrogen (NOx) is captured.

"The requirements for emissions are becoming increasingly strict. With this SCR system, we reduce nitrogen emissions by 85% up to stage V level and an older ship such as the 'Waterpoort' can still be used for inland waterways," said Marc Mazereeuw, director Wagenborg Towing Service.


In the Green Deal on Sea Shipping, Inland Shipping and Ports, agreements have been made on, among other things, harmful environmental emissions to the air. One of the objectives is that nitrogen emissions must be further reduced by 2024. But it is not only because of this deal and legislation and regulations that it becomes important to look for solutions to reduce NOx emissions. "We see that more and more ports, clients and contractors are demanding cleaner ships to be able to do the work. For example, in consultation with our client Van Oord, we have opted to invest in making the Waterpoort greener," says Mazereeuw

Use of Waterpoort at Windpark Fryslân

After the installation of the SCR system, the 'Waterpoort', together with the tug 'Waterlelie' and various pontoons, will be deployed on the IJsselmeer. "For the construction of the 89 turbines at Windpark Fryslân, we support Van Oord with the transport of the blades and tower parts. A great project that fits perfectly with Wagenborg's 'greenest' tug," says Marc Mazereeuw.

Wagenborg introduces SCR in 1999

It is not the first time that Wagenborg, in collaboration with its clients, has invested in the greening of ships through an SCR system in anticipation of legislation. In 1999, for example, an SCR system was already introduced on the roro carrier Spaarneborg. In the following years, several roro ships and one of the offshore ships followed.

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