Second EasyMax put into service as MV Máxima
04 February 2021

Second EasyMax put into service as MV Máxima

The second EasyMax was delivered to Wagenborg and affiliated owners and taken into service under her official name: Máxima.

Maiden voyage

The ship left for her maiden voyage to Antwerp from homeport Delfzijl, where Delfsail 2021 was also planned this year. As known, due to COvid-19 Delfsail will be moved to a date to be determined.

Christening ceremony

The intention is to still perform the christening ceremony of the Máxima during the Wagenborg event during DelfSail, where the moment still has to be determined. The timing of this event will be chosen in such a way that our domestic and foreign guests can fully witness it.


As a royal company, we are particularly honoured that Her Majesty has been pleased to associate her name with our sustainable new-build vessel.

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