Simultaneous installations ballast water management systems
22 June 2020
Sustainability & Safety

Simultaneous installations ballast water management systems

Recently various Wagenborg vessels were welcomed at shipyard Royal Niestern Sander in the port of Delfzijl. Here, ballast water management systems will be installed in the vessels ‘Edenborg’, ‘Jade’, ‘Westborg’ and ‘Merel V’.


The installation of a ballast water management system takes lots of preparation. An engine room isn’t normally designed with space for a ballast water treatment system. Since the system consists of several large components connected by various pipes, it takes up quite a bit of room. However, the close cooperation between the Wagenborg fleet management department, projects & newbuilding department and the shipyard results in a thorough preparation and minimal idle time for the vessels.

Ballast Water Management Convention

The Ballast Water Management Convention came into force in 2017 and applies to all seagoing vessels that carry ballast water. It requires these vessels to be equipped with a ballast water treatment system. The Convention has had far-reaching consequences for Wagenborg, with its fleet of abt. 170+ vessels, as it has for many other shipping companies.

Completion in 2024

As one of the leading multi-purpose shipping companies in Europe, sustainability is a part of everything we do and is integrated in all our operations. Together with our stakeholders - authorities, clients, investors, public, employees, suppliers - we accept sustainability challenges to reduce our environmental footprint. As early adopters Wagenborg started using ballast water treatment systems since 2013. We increase the number of installations by 20 per year and expect to complete in 2024.

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