The Royal Couple, Kroonborg and Kasteelborg
07 May 2018

The Royal Couple, Kroonborg and Kasteelborg

Earlier this year, Wagenborg put Kasteelborg into service in the Southern North Sea. This Walk-to-Work Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel is after ​Kroonborg the second Walk to Work vessel within the fleet of Wagenborg Offshore. Last weekend, both vessels had the premiere working together at one offshore platform.

The Kasteelborg and the Kroonborg will carry out maintenance on the dozens of unmanned platforms that NAM and Shell UK operate in the southern sector of the North Sea. The intention is to have the Kroonborg carry out all the major maintenance work. The Kasteelborg will join the Kroonborg in performing unplanned interventions and ad-hoc jobs. The partnership between the Royal couple Kroonborg and the Kasteelborg is unique in the offshore maintenance world.

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