Wagenborg contributes to building project new Hunte bridge in Germany
23 May 2024
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Wagenborg contributes to building project new Hunte bridge in Germany

Last weekend the logistic experts of Wagenborg lowered two concrete girders from a height of 30 meters in Oldenburg. These girders are part of the old ‘Hunte bridge’ at the A29 motorway in Germany and had to be removed in the rebuilding project of this bridge.

Both girders had a weight of 350 tons and measure more than 50 meters in length. To lower these units safely, the engineering department of Wagenborg came up with a innovative solution combining the lifting and heavy transport expertise of Wagenborg Nedlift and the towage and barge experience of Wagenborg Towage.

Added value

Wagenborg used strand jacks to lower the girders in a controlled manner towards the water surface. Here, the girders could be transferred to two self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT). One of these SPMTs was positioned on shore and the other one on the Wagenborg Barge 14.

By using multiple winches on the barge and the SPMT combination on shore, the entire combination of SPMTs, barge and girder were shifted towards the RoRo ramp. Here the second SPMT combination could then be driven off the barge.

This entire operation was performed safely and according schedule and once again showed the added value of Wagenborg Nedlift and Wagenborg Towage for bridge projects.

Mega project: new ‘Hunte bridge’

In the end of 2023, construction work has begun on the A29 motorway bridge over the river Hunte near Oldenburg in Germany. The Hunte bridge, which measures over 400 metres in length, will be gradually dismantled and rebuild over the next five years. When the Hunte Bridge is finished, it will only have 14 pillars instead of the current 36 ones. The new bridge will combine two pillars at a time to form a V-shape. This also means that in future there will no longer be any pillars in the river bed resulting in advantages for shipping on the Hunte.

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