Wagenborg installed shore power connection on walk to work vessel 'Kroonborg'
13 December 2023
Sustainability & Safety

Wagenborg installed shore power connection on walk to work vessel 'Kroonborg'

Wagenborg has successfully installed and commissioned a shore connection system on the mv Kroonborg in collaboration with NAM/Shell UK and with the support of the "Provincie Noord-Holland. The shore power system was developed and engineered by Eekels Technology BV.

Additionally, the Port of Den Helder, in partnership with Eekels Technology BV, is advancing a hydrogen shore power generator project in cooperation with the Port of Harlingen and Groningen Seaports. This hydrogen generator is set to become operational by the end of 2023. Furthermore, the Port of Den Helder is planning to provide renewable energy through a fixed shore power connection to vessels within its port starting in mid-2024.

In the broader context of combating climate change, reducing emissions is imperative. To minimize the environmental impact in ports, including the reduction of CO2, NOx, exhaust gas particulates and noise, the installation of shore power connections is critical. Wagenborg Offshore is taking the lead by initiating the installation of shore power on the mv Kroonborg, with plans to expand these installations to other vessels in their fleet in the near future.

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