Wagenborg published 2020 Sustainability report
01 October 2021
Sustainability & Safety

Wagenborg published 2020 Sustainability report

As sustainability is of strategic and vital importance to Wagenborg, we clearly target our ambitions and intensively track progress against these targets. This report covers our social, safety and environmental performance and progress in 2020.

Making our business more sustainable every day

Wagenborg’s approach to sustainability is focused on making our business more sustainable every day for present and future generations. We do this through our business activities and in line with our business strategy, while we listen carefully to stakeholders’ expectations.


The covid-19 crisis made society more aware of the environment, health and safety. This created further momentum not only for Wagenborg, but importantly also for our customers, who challenge us to deliver responsible logistic solutions as part of a decarbonizing supply chain. The majority of our key clients seriously consider sustainability in their supply chains, and most of our customers have set or are in the process of setting ambitious carbon emissions targets.


Apart from employees, partners and customers, also financial markets are emphasizing the importance of sustainability in their capital allocation.


Furthermore, rules and regulations – particularly the EU – are developing rapidly. We now operate under EU MRV reporting while in addition EEXI steadily has been adopted and takes effect per 2023. Also, the introduction of CO2 emissions rights for shipping is eminent.


As a consequence, sustainability is becoming a commercial and strategic imperative for Wagenborg as part of our proposition to customers, capital providers, employees and regulators. It is essential to the continuity of our company: a license to operate.

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