Wagenborg secures its first decommissioning project for topside and jacket transportation
07 June 2024

Wagenborg secures its first decommissioning project for topside and jacket transportation

Wagenborg has achieved a significant milestone by securing its first decommissioning project for the transportation of a North Sea platform, formerly operated by Eni Energy Netherlands, to Eemshaven. This landmark project involves the engineering and building of a grillage in combination with the delivery of a barge and a tug. In an industry marked by an increasing demand to bring back production locations to their original state, this project demonstrates Wagenborg's commitment to support energy majors with a variety of specialistic decommissioning services.

Wagenborg’s scope

Both the topside and jacket part of the platform will be lifted on a barge of Wagenborg Towage. Both constructions will be lifted on a unique grillage placed on the barge which has been engineered in accordance to the project’s requirements. Ensuring minimal environmental impact and adherence to the highest safety standards are key in this project. Wagenborg tugs will transport the platform to her terminal in Eemshaven. This logistical feat showcases Wagenborg's capability in handling large-scale decommissioning projects with precision and care.


At the heart of this project is Wagenborg's role in engineering a custom grillage for the transportation per barge. This bespoke solution highlights Wagenborg's engineering skills and deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by offshore decommissioning. Steel works for the grillage will be constructed by the shipyard Royal Niestern Sander, a 100% Wagenborg subsidiary. This proces recently started.

Future of decommissioning

This project is more than just a single achievement; it paves the way for future decommissioning projects and further strengthens the position of Wagenborg as an offshore service provider on the North Sea. Edwin de Vries, director Wagenborg Offshore: "As a market leader on the walk-to-work market, we experience a booming interest for decommissioning services. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience of the offshore industry and a variety of our owned assets and equipment we expect the project for ENI will be the first of many."

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