Wagenborg terminals services MV Hydra and MV Helenic
10 April 2020
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Wagenborg terminals services MV Hydra and MV Helenic

Despite all Corona measures, activities at the Wagenborg terminals are up and running. For example, this week the MV Helenic was discharged and the MV hydra was loaded by Wagenborg Stevedoring in the port of Delfzijl. Both vessels under agency of Wagenborg.

MV Hydra loaded with fertilizers

The MV Hydra has loaded about 3.250 tonnes of fertilizers. This product was discharged and stored earlier in one of the covered terminals of Wagenborg by means of a port crane, funnel and conveyor belt. With this way of working, this product never made contact with the quayside. A similar method was used to load the MV Hydra again: by means of shovels, funnels and conveyor belts the product was directly loaded into the vessels holds.

MV Helenic discharged alternative fuels

Wagenborg Stevedoring received the MV Helenic from the UK to discharge waste in bales. Loaded directly into trucks, this cargo was trucked to the end-user.

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