Wagenborg's sustainability policy underlines ambition as a leading multi-purpose shipping company
27 November 2020
Sustainability & Safety

Wagenborg's sustainability policy underlines ambition as a leading multi-purpose shipping company

“Making our business more sustainable every day for present and future generations”. With this statement, Wagenborg is fully committed to sustainability. Wagenborg strives to be a sustainable, healthy, yielding company in the long term that minimizes its footprint through innovation and efficient processes. This ambition has been formalized in a sustainability policy.

For over a century, Wagenborg has taken its responsibility in the field of health, safety, environment and quality. Wagenborg was one of the first shipping companies in the world to gain ISO 9001, ISM Code and ISO 14001 certifications in addition to a Clean Shipping Index registration.

Clear targets within three pillars

With the new policy, the Board of Directors sets clear ambitions in the field of sustainability. CEO Egbert Vuursteen: “In recent decades, Wagenborg has implicitly invested a lot in its people and a more sustainable fleet. Compared to 2008, we have already reduced our CO2 emissions by 17%. However, it is time for us to explicitly integrate sustainability into all our business activities. Our customers also increasingly expect this from us.”


The sustainability policy is based on three pillars with focus areas. Each subsidiary within Wagenborg can give its own concrete interpretation and formulate targets for each theme, which also contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Wagenborg is committed to achieve a better climate and environment

Wagenborg takes active part in the shipping and transport de-carbonizing energy transition. Together with our stakeholders - authorities, clients, investors, public, employees, suppliers - we accept sustainability challenges to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Fuel savings and energy efficiency

  • Reduce fuel emissions with transition fuels

  • Carbon neutral shipping and transport

  • Modifications of the existing fleet

  • New design & building leading fuel efficient vessels

Royal Wagenborg works safely with talented people

As a family owned company we optimize employee health and well-being. Engaged employees are critical for our business. People are encouraged to develop skills and consider new roles and/or responsibilities.

  • Safety first

  • Long term employability

  • Personal development

Wagenborg creates new solutions by use of innovation

We improve customer needs, costs and procedures by use of innovation. Together with our stakeholders, we transform opportunities and processes into next generation solutions.

  • Cost competitive solutions

  • Digitalization

  • Leading vessel design and new building

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