Wind propulsion ventifoils on board MV Ankie
24 January 2020

Wind propulsion ventifoils on board MV Ankie

Recently two eCONOwind ventifoils were installed on the MV Ankie from the Wagenborg affiliated captain owner Jan van Dam

In September 2019 Van Dam Shipping signed a contract for the installation of a Ventifoil system on board their 3.600 DWT cargo vessel Ankie. Recently this vessel arrived in the port of Delfzijl to install this system. Subsequently, shipyard Niestern Sander has installed the first Ventifoil system on board the MV Ankie.

The installation on the MV Ankie features two 10m high wings with a solid end-plate. The Ventifoils generate a substantial force, so with the wings in place, the vessel’s sailing characteristics, fuel savings and stability will undergo testing. If the tests run smoothly and prove that there is adequate space and stability to the length, 6m-long foldable extensions will be built and connected to the top plate.

Fuel savings on the MV Ankie are expected to be around 15%, depending on her exact sailing routes and actual wind conditions. Under ideal circumstances, the Ventifoils could generate 25-30% of her propulsion.

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