The specialism of Wagenborg Kazakhstan is to carry out logistic projects and marine support in the Caspian Sea. As part of Royal Wagenborg we have years of experience in shallow water transport and ice navigation and knowledge of all oil- and gas related transport disciplines all over the world. Wagenborg Kazakhstan is active in the Caspian Sea since 1998. 

The offshore sector is an industry of unusual complexity, opportunities and risks. Challenges are more rule than exception. This calls for creativity, daring and strategic ideas. Kazakhstan employees are selected in basis of these skills, and given further relevant training. Their expertise and devotion form the basis for a long lasting cooperation and successful projects. 

Value added services in complex logistic projects

The Caspian Sea, the work area of Wagenborg Kazakhstan, is a vast environment. The oil and gas supplies in the Caspian are enormous, especially in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. It is an attractive future production area for international companies. However, the climate conditions, combined with the shallow water area, interfere with the exploration and production of oil and gas. This calls for an offshore company with a proven successful track record in complex logistic offshore projects. Wagenborg Kazakhstan is such a company.

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